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                                            Brent K.Wamsley is the founder of Wamsley & Associates, L.C. and managing attorney.                                                               Brent's primary practice areas are Estate Planning, Personal Injuries, Worker's Compensation,                                                     and Bankruptcy.

                                            Brent has been practicing law in Utah for 23 years.  Through his extensive experience he has                                                       built a strong reputation in the legal community with other attorneys and local judges.  His                                                         care factor is very high and he always puts his clients first.  The majority of the clients that                                                         come to Wamsley & Associates, L.C. have been referred to the firm due to the diligent work                                                       and client care that Brent has provided to their friends and family.

Brent earned a Bachelor's Degree from Utah State University and a Juris Doctorate from Seattle University School of Law.   

​Outside of his legal profession Brent enjoys helping people,  serving in his church, and giving service in the community.  Brent is an avid runner and he has completed several marathons, half-marathons, and other races.  He loves outdoor activities such as waterskiing and hiking.  Above all he loves spending time with his wife and family.   

Brent K. Wamsley

Managing Attorney